Elusive moose still on the loose

Published in The Boston Globe June 3

A moose that pranced down sidewalks in Belmont and Watertown on Wednesday and took the Internet by storm may still be in Belmont, wildlife officials said.

The juvenile moose was spotted Friday on Robinwood Road close to the Lexington border at around 10:30 a.m., officials said.

There is a nearby sanctuary that has wetlands and swamps that moose like, said Major William Bilotta Jr. of the Massachusetts Environmental Police.

Environmental Police spent Thursdaysearching for the moose with the help of a State Police helicopter, Bilotta said. They will continue to search the Belmont area.

“Public safety is the main issue,” Bilotta said. “In that area you have Route 128 and Route 2. We don’t want to see anything happen to the motorists and animal, too.”

The goal is to tranquilize the moose and bring it to the western part of the state where it will have more room to roam, he said.

Bilotta said Environmental Police do not know what direction the moose is heading.


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