Spring snow blankets northern N.E.

Published in The Boston Globe May 16 print

Weeks after most New Englanders put the shovels, boots, and salt away, snow made a reappearance on Monday.

Cold air from Canada descended into New England and dumped snow onto Northern Maine and parts of Vermont at a time when most people expect to see sunshine and flowers.

Snow began to fall around midnight and dropped up to 7.5 inches Monday morning in Aroostook County, Maine, near the Canadian border, according to the National Weather Service.

“This is amazing,” the NWS station in Caribou, Maine, wrote on Twitter. The town of Perham was the winner, receiving 7½ inches, the weather service said.

Massachusetts was spared most of the late snow, but still saw some flurries in the western part of the state.

Rich Norton, a meteorologist at the station in Caribou, said the snowy system moved north into Canada.

“There’s still a bit of snow south of us, but it’s cleared out of northeast Aroostook County,” he said. “The intensity of the snowfall is diminishing.”

Monday morning’s snowfall shattered a 1941 record for snow so late in May at the Caribou station, Norton said.

The snow was also two days shy of the latest snow on record, NWS Caribou posted on Twitter.

Counties in northern Vermont received up to 2½ inches over the weekend, according to the weather service.

Less than an inch of snow was predicted for parts of New Hampshire and southern Maine, according to the weather service.



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