2 police chiefs help to catch suspected bank robbers in Taunton

Published in The Boston Globe Feb. 1 print

Two police chiefs helped arrest a pair of suspected bank robbers Monday afternoon after a high-speed chase through multiple towns.

Attleboro Police Chief Kyle Heagney pursued the suspects while Taunton Chief Edward James Walsh deployed tire spikes that stopped the car, Heagney said.

The chase began when two male suspects fled the Rockland Trust in Attleboro, sped through Norton, and ended up in Taunton, Heagney said.

“It was definitely a thrilling experience, but at the same time you have to keep aware of your surroundings . . . and if it becomes too dangerous, the ends don’t justify the means,” he said.

Even with two tires deflated by the spikes, Heagney said, the suspects’ car continued down Bay Road in Taunton. A “pit maneuver” by Heagney — an intentional bump on the back of the suspects’ car — helped stop the vehicle.

Walsh did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

The suspects, whose names were not released, have a criminal history, Heagney said. One is 18 years old and from Stoughton, and the other is 31 and from Easton, he said.

“It’s not every day when you’re able to catch two bank robbers,” Heagney said. “It’s a memorable moment of my career, even with being chief.”


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